The engineers of NUCCORP provide innovative solutions to the commercial nuclear power and manufacturing industries. We bring our clients experience in the areas of innovative products, product development, engineering, mechanical design, engineering management and procurement services. We manage projects and develop solutions designed to solve problems as we turn challenges into functional, common sense solutions.

We are a fully licensed engineering firm with a documented nuclear quality assurance program (ASME NQA-1). We have extensive ASME code knowledge with senior management having over 50 years of combined, hands-on mechanical and nuclear experience. Classically trained with the most modern tools, Nuccorp's vision is to be a renowned innovator of elegantly simple solutions to the constant technical challenges which face the commercial nuclear power industry.


April, 2019 - NUCCORP's Nuclear Grade Air Trap is installed at a NNP in Connecticut, USA in parallel with an accumulator tank - greatly expanding the volume range of the NGAT.

November, 2016 - NUCCORP's Nuclear Grade Air Trap, originally designed for PWRs, are successfully up-rated and delivered to a BWR for a high pressure gas void accumulation application.

September, 2016 -
NUCCORP's Bladderless Pulsation Dampening System is fabricated, tested and delivered to our customer.

October 3, 2014 - NUCCORP presents a paper titled "Nuclear Grade Air rap and Gas Void Management" to the 40th Annual Reunion of the Spanish Nuclear Society in Valencia, Spain. (link)

September 25, 2014 - NUCCORP presents the Nuclear Grade Air Trap to KHNP in Daejeon, Korea.

May 23, 2012 - Charlotte, NC - VC Summer Nuclear Station receives the NEI Top Industry Practice "TIP" Award for its use of NUCCORP's NGAT Technology and three years of flawless OE.


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