Our engineers are available to the mechanical and nuclear engineering fields on a project or contractual basis. We can manage system design, reverse engineering, ASME Code compliance, on-site staff augmentation, installation, inspection and trouble-shooting.

On the nuclear side we have many years of experience in thermal-hydraulic analysis and mechanical design. We have significant experience in Licensing, Design Basis Reconstitution, and Power Up-rating Consulting. These services have been performed at a variety of nuclear power stations including numerous projects at Catawba, Beaver Valley and VC Summer.

Experience includes programmatic qualification in both safety-related and non-safety related fluid systems design engineering to support up-rating for Auxiliary Feedwater, Main Feedwater, Condensate and Main Steam Systems. Design also includes designing, analyzing, and sizing AFW cavitating venturis, Main Feedwater isolation valves and the development of the analytical inputs required.

Our mechanical engineers have manufactured F-16, F-22 and C-130 airplane components for Lockheed. They have designed and built tools, gauges and specialty machinery for Westinghouse’s Commercial Nuclear Fuel Division (CNFD). Various design, procurement and installation projects have covered the USA and have extended east and west from Asia to Europe.

Additionally, NUCCORP develops, designs and supplies innovative products and engineering services specializing in the commercial nuclear power industry needs.