Venturis & Orifice Plates

NUCCORP designs flow-measuring and cavitating venturis, 1” through 3” NPS. These venturis are machined from solid-forged-rounds of SA-182, F304/316 (other materials available). Venturis offer the most hydraulically efficient design, as the non-recoverable pressure losses are much less than standard orifice plates. Venturis are supplied as safety-related material (no ASME stamping required).

Cavitating venturis are advantageous for limiting flow to a value which remains constant, regardless of the downstream pressure. These are used in AFW and SI systems to limit flow to postulated pipe breaks downstream of the venturi. When used in AFW systems, these simplify hydraulic analyses and aids in more favorable results in containment pressure/temperature analyses. When used in SI systems, high-head pump flow can be limited to that less than pump run-out, thus protecting ECCS pumps during postulated LOCA conditions.

NUCCORP also designs and manufactures standard flow orifices for flow measurement purposes. Orifice plates are an economical alternative for flow measuring venturis, when there is no concern of higher non-recoverable pressure losses. Orifice plates are outside of the ASME code jurisdiction, and are supplied from ASME-certified SA plate materials (safety-related).