Mission, Vision and Values

NUCCORP’s mission is to provide innovative solutions to the mechanical engineering and commercial nuclear power industry with an overall goal of enhancing nuclear safety and providing excellent value to all of our commercial partners.

NUCCORP’s vision is to be a renowned innovator of elegantly simple solutions to the constant technical challenges which face the entire engineering industry – including nuclear.

NUCCORP’s Values:

Above all, we are honorable in our actions, and we hold honesty and integrity as our guiding principles.

We recognize that we are privileged to contribute to our employees’ growth and to serve beside those that seek for peaceful utilization of technologies and nuclear power in the world.

Our employees are critical to our success. We value their proficiency, expertise, knowledge and vision. We know that, driven by the imagination and enthusiasm of our employees, our company’s potential is unlimited. We treat all employees with respect and trust, and lead through competence, creativity and teamwork.

Our customers are critical to our success. We are customer-focused, responsive and driven to exceed our customers’ expectations. Quality is our signature, and we take pride in everything we do.